Listen to the voices of women

Coventry Women’s Voices call on newly elected councillors to ‘Listen to the voices of women’

The week after local elections Coventry Women’s Voices are calling on councillors in Coventry to listen to the voices of women as they publish a report highlighting women in Coventry’s concerns about the economy, women’s safety and the state of the city.

The report is based on a survey of women in Coventry city centre during March this year. The main issues raised were:

The Economy

Women are being hit hard by public spending cuts. Tax and benefits changes will cost women in Coventry nearly £30 million, more than twice the cost to men. Women surveyed were concerned about job loses, the rising cost of living and cuts to benefits and public services. They said:

 With cut backs women will be struggling with their lives such as depression, isolation no food to feed their children and families.

Without nursery places how can I get back into work?

I don’t know how I am going to manage. I am 83 living costs are too high

I am struggling to keep up with my children’s need for clothes, toys etc.

 Women’s safety

Over 30,000 women in Coventry are likely to be raped or abused and over 38,000 women are likely to experience domestic violence at some point in their life. Women were concerned about safety and high levels of rape and domestic violence. They said:

I have problems taking my child to the park because it is dangerous I want to be safe

Why does Coventry have such high levels of rape? What is the council doing?

I want to feel SAFER in town and on buses

Transport and road safety

Women are more likely than men to be reliant on public transport. Women were concerned about changes to bus services that meant they could no longer access shops and services and worried about road safety for pedestrians. They said;

No pedestrian crossing it is dangerous to cross the road outside Sainsbury’s

Make improvements in town for more easy access to shops stop changing bus routes and timetables so we can get to work and school runs on time

Busses for outlying areas from Lentons lane

Stopped the 34 bus too costly to the hospital

Mary-Ann Stephenson, Co-ordinator of Coventry Women’s Voices said:

‘Women in Coventry are worried about the economy as they lose jobs, benefits and public services. They are worried about their safety in a city with one of the highest levels of rape and sexual violence in the country. And they are worried about transport because the cuts to vital bus services have made it far harder for many to get to the shops and hospital. We hope that newly elected councillors in Coventry will listen to these voices of women and take action to improve things for them and their families.’

for more information contact Mary-Ann Stephenson on 07957 338582


Coventry Women’s Voices brings together women’s organisations and women in the public, private, voluntary sector and unions to make sure women’s voices in Coventry are heard when policy is made.


About coventrywomensvoices

Coventry Womens Voices is an independent group of women’s organisations, organisations working with women and individuals that have come together to ensure women’s voices are heard when policy is made in Coventry. Our mission is to “Make Women’s Voices Heard in Coventry”.
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