Yes, Yes, Oh YES! – Warwick Anti-Sexism Society’s Consent Campaign

Warwick University’s Anti-Sexism Society (WASS) is holding a consent campaign during freshers’ fortnight centred around sex under the influence of alcohol.

The campaign, which begins on the 4th October 2012, will involve handing out flyers with the message “yes, yes, Oh YES…. Sex without consent is rape. Is the person you’re going home with too drunk to consent? Make sure you’re both into it before you get into it!” on during the fresher’s fair and at fresher’s events. The aim of the campaign is to place the responsibility for rape exactly where it should be, with the rapist, rather than traditional anti-rape campaigns which tend to send messages targeted at those who are deemed vulnerable (i.e. women wearing short skirts/getting drunk/walking home alone etc).

Sophie Rees from WASS said:

“We decided last year that we wanted to run a campaign that raised the issue of sexual consent in a way that might stick in the minds of young students and generate conversation about what consent is. Raising the point that it is not always possible to consent to sex while heavily under the influence of alcohol or drugs is, we feel, relevant to the student population, particularly at this time of year when people are in a new environment, one often fuelled by alcohol. It was really important to us to make sure the campaign stayed away from any form of victim-blaming and focused on the responsibility of the person with power, rather than on the victim. We hope that our campaign will make people think twice about having sex with someone who is too drunk to consent. We’re not anti-one-night-stands, but we want people to have a positive experience at university, not tainted by sexual assault or rape. It’s also important to get the details of CRASAC out there so that people know there is help available if they need it.”

The campaign is being supported by Coventry Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre (CRASAC) whose aim is to ensure that support and information is available to anyone who has experienced sexual violence.

Their helpline is open to women, men and children on 02476 27 77 77 from 10am-2pm Monday to Friday and from 6pm-8pm Monday and Thursday

A copy of the postcard can be downloaded here:

campaign_postcard_front and here: campaign_postcard_back


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