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Every now and then there is a shit-storm in my corner of Twitter with police campaigns such as this or this which apparently “attempt to show potential victims how to avoid becoming vulnerable”. And what’s wrong with that? Is the fairly regular response that us Feminists are confronted with. Why wouldn’t we want women to be reminded of the risks to their safety and how best to protect themselves? If a woman gets so drunk she is the victim of a crime then she ought to be told not to get so drunk… No, wait… That already sounds wrong doesn’t it? 

Because those campaigns, and all others like them, are products of Rape Culture. (If you aren’t sure what Rape Culture is, go here and read LifeLoveLauren’s brilliant post which explains it all.)

Rape Culture says that women should avoid being raped, not that men shouldn’t rape (I…

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Coventry Womens Voices is an independent group of women’s organisations, organisations working with women and individuals that have come together to ensure women’s voices are heard when policy is made in Coventry. Our mission is to “Make Women’s Voices Heard in Coventry”.
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