One woman’s experiences of sexual harassment in Coventry – 23rd April 2013 *Trigger Warning*

An anonymous follower of the Coventry Harassment Project has submitted the following examples of hers’ and her family member’s personal experiences of sexual harassment in Coventry:

‘Walking in the rain to Warwick Uni and nearly being splashed by a van, whilst being shouted at to ‘get my bum out!’

‘Going for a 5 minute walk around the block and being beeped at 3 times, all that seems to qualify for this treatment is simply being a woman.’

‘Family member was walking home from work and man exposed himself and began masturbating infront of her.’

‘Teacher at school told girls to carefully choose what they wore on work experience because of ‘the men”.

‘On numerous occasions in clubs when guys seem to think they’re entitled to touch bums.’

If you, or someone you know has experiences sexual abuse or harassment Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (CRASAC) can be contacted, in confidence, from 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday. 6pm – 8pm Monday & Thursday on 02476 277777.