Women To Achieve

Take Advantage of being a woman

Women To Achieve (WTA) is an organisation managed by Iman Elkhatim and based in Coventry (Tile Hill). WTA has worked with a number of women-oriented community groups and organisations in Coventry for 2 years and has a broad knowledge of the local area’s women issues, problems and opportunities. WTA has already established a role in the area and it is currently growing to a hub where local women can seek support and training on legal and rights issues.

WTA has a lot of experience and a track record of workshop delivery in partnership with NPOs like Foleshill Women’s Training.,which gives an advantage to WTA when it comes for expert advice on women’s rights and training.

WTA’s mission is to break all the boundaries and barriers that stand in the way of a woman’s unity, rights and transformation of society. The three key functions to accomplish this mission are: Informing, Educating and Empowering women.

The aim of the organisation is to work directly or indirectly with women from diverse ethnic groups particularly in the area of women’s rights. The set-up of the organisation – Women to Achieve – is the first step towards supporting women`s rights, efforts and dreams.

This aim will support WTA’s mission by:

  • Providing a number of information on legal issues affecting women.
  • Providing training for women on essential issues concerning women’s rights.
  • Promoting women activities and equal engagement in society and human rights.
  • Providing business and languages skills training for women all over the different countries and background (English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Swahili and Somali).

For more information please e-mail Iman Elkhatim