Police and Crime Commissioners

On 15 November 2012 there will be elections for a Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands (covering Coventry)

Police and Crime Commissioners will be responsible for:

• Appointing the Chief Constable
and holding them to account;
• Producing a 5-year Police &
Crime Plan setting out local
policing priorities;
• Setting the annual police force
budget;                                                       •Making funding available to organisations that reduce crime or that promote increased community confidence.

Candidates who will be attending include:

Coventry Women’s
Voices invites you
to a Women’s
Question Time with
Police and Crime
Commissioner Candidates.

Ask the candidates about their policies in tackling crime and let them  know your views

                       ALL WELCOME    

To book a place at the event, send in
a question for the panel or fi nd out
more information please contact:
or call/text 0754 507 8165


Coventry Women’s Voices calls on the Police & Crime Commissioner
candidates for the West Midlands to sign up to this 7-point plan:

1 Police
• Ensuring police in every part of Coventry deliver
the best possible response to all reports of violence
against women & girls by routinely consulting
with all Coventry sexual violence agencies
• Ensuring confi dentiality of victim information
held on police databases
• Carrying out a Gender Impact Assessment on all
new initiatives/changes of police policy/changes
in police force employment
2 Rape
• Ensuring that survivors of sexual violence have
access to specialist support by committing to
maintain and pursue funding for all Coventry
sexual violence agencies
3 Domestic violence
• Monitoring impact of local authority cuts on
refuges and ensuring access for all women and
children fl eeing violence
• Taking leadership role in planning to eradicate
Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage and
‘honour-based’ violence
4 Sexual harassment
• Working towards making Coventry public transport
a zero tolerance zone for sexual assault.
5 Prostitution
• Ensuring the police response to prostitution
does not criminalise women & girls and
supports programmes that prevent them entering
prostitution/provide exit routes
6 Events
• Ensuring major events in Coventry have good
safety planning for women & girls
7 Prevention
• Working towards making Coventry a UK leader
on preventing violence against women
• Consulting with local women’s groups and public
bodies to develop a Violence Against Women
and Girls Strategy for the West Midlands and
appointing a senior executive responsible for
delivering subsequent recommendations
• Sourcing funding for and taking the lead on
programmes to tackle youth violence against
women and girls to manage and change offending
• Working towards running public campaigns to
challenge myths and stereotypes about sexual and
domestic violence


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