Research into the impact of police stop and search

Matt Markham, a Masters degree student at Coventry University, studying Community Cohesion Management through the Centre for Social Relations, is conducting research into the impact of police stop and search activity upon community relationships, legitimacy in policing, and issues around procedural justice.

Matt Markham said:

“Stop and search has been the subject of much debate over many years.  There are those who maintain a view that it is a worthwhile and beneficial activity, and then there are opponents who question its legitimacy altogether.  Issues around racial profiling and disproportionate application have been much publicised too. 

My research intends to focus on the impact being stopped and searched by the police might have upon the individual, and their communities.  It is intended to examine the affect/impact of race, age, number of occasions stopped and the Officers conduct and thereby determine which, if any, positively or negatively impact upon support and confidence in policing.

The results of the finding will be shared with West Midlands Police, together with recommendations for making improvements in the way service is delivered.

To ensure my research is relevant and considerate of a diverse range of views, opinions and reflects all our communities I would very much welcome your support by taking just 5 or so minutes to complete an online questionnaire (supported by Bristol University) and also forwarding the link on to any other interested party you may know, particularly persons who may have been subjected to this police power.”

The online questionnaire can be accessed here or via