Women’s Voluntary Organisations

Background: Women’s organisations and voluntary organisations providing services to women in Coventry play vital roles in tackling discrimination and in promoting women’s human rights.

The cuts:

  • A number of funding streams from central Government for voluntary organisations have ended or are due to end.
  • Coventry City Council is facing a cut of £38 million in its grant from central Government. Although the Council has sought to protect grants to voluntary organisations agreed for 2011/12 some grants have been cut, and the future of others is under review and currently uncertain.
  • Other sources of funding such as grants from charitable and non-charitable trusts and donations from individuals are becoming harder to obtain.
  • Many voluntary organisations are facing increased demand from the communities they serve as a result of the recession and the impact of other public spending cuts

 The Impact: All voluntary organisations in Coventry are vulnerable to budget cuts. But women’s voluntary organisations appear to be particularly vulnerable, with some expecting cuts of up to 70% of their funding in the next year. At a time when other cuts are having a negative impact on equality and in some cases women’s human rights the role of the women’s voluntary sector is more important than ever.

Read the full chapter on Women’s Voluntary Organisations in Unravelling Equality here

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